Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bon appetit!

A short introduction to Alsatian baking. The ubiquitous beignets (donuts) of course. No ringed ones here. The kougelhopf (many ways of spelling it...). Either sweet, with raisins and almonds, or salted, with bacon bits and walnuts.
In the bags, you can see different varieties of 'bredele', Alsatian for biscuits.
What will it be, sweet kougelhopf, or salty kougelhopf?


  1. i think i will have to try both types just to see which i prefer ;)

  2. Woe is me, I no longer eat beignets...and if I did I'd have to be in New Orleans...which might be fun :) (BTW this is Yayato Ojnws aka Theanne from Facebook) :)

  3. The beignets seem to be the preference


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