Monday 27 May 2019

Are you losing your marbles?

Here's a refill, at the rue du jeu des enfants, children's play street, Strasbourg.

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Saturday 25 May 2019

A weekend reflection

On a rainy morning on Burano island, just outside Venice.
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Saturday 18 May 2019

May walkabout

Well, I've been away for a few days, Amsterdam, Rome, Florence, Venice, and I obviously took hundreds of photos (so happy to live in a digital photo age).
This is my home from home, Venice, Venezia.
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Monday 13 May 2019

Poor Vincent!

What did they do to you!
Seen 2 hours ago on the Ponte Vecchio, in Florence, Tuscany, Italia.
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Sunday 12 May 2019

We sell

I'm always amazed, sometimes amused, sometimes aghast by the things some are willing to buy in some ultra-tourist places... This is Michaelangelo's David in Florence, Tuscany, btw. Well, just a tiny piece of him.
Would you buy this??? I wouldn't. No way.

Friday 10 May 2019

Weekend in black & white

Early this morning at the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Roma, la citta eterna. Tom Hanks went into some trouble there... :-)
My first time in Rome, after over 35 years... One bit of advice, maybe... AVOID THE METRO AT ALL COST!!! It is somewhere between abysmal and catastrophic, an utter disgrace.

Well, as usual, take a look at the Dragonstar's den, over there.
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Monday 6 May 2019

Monday Murals

 New, by local artist Dan23

 Monsanto, Total, Apple are without a doubt champions in destroying our planet. We are millions, they are just giants with clay feet
If I die, you die.

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Friday 3 May 2019

Weekend in black and white

I took this photo on a very chilly -close to freezing actually- April morning, at around 6.30 or 7 am, looking for coffee. In Venice. So, I guess this guy and his dog might have been going to work, in the San Polo area of town.
As St Mark is the holy patron of Venice, many many (and many more) men are called Marco. So this might well be Marco, from San Polo... Well, in San Polo anyway.
I finally found an open bar shortly after . Un espresso per piacere, Signore!

To my great joy, I'll be back there in a few days. Venezia is like home to me.

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Wednesday 1 May 2019


The color purple= problem! I am partially color blind, so I can't really recognize purple. Not good for a photographer! Well, I'll try it anyway

This might be purple, or maybe not, you decide. I just don't know.

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