Tuesday, 26 October 2021


I can't remember the last time I saw one of those machines in a bar. Probably Paris, in the 80es. Anyway, I was happy seeing a few at a vintage fair last weekend. For sale, at truly gigantic prices. Hey, it's vintage!

Now, let's head back to my crazy youth. Nice boots, Elton me boyo!

Monday, 25 October 2021

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Back to the...

Tomorrow, I decided to go on a trip.
 Or will it be yesterday??? I will have to ask the Doc.

Saturday, 23 October 2021

Thursday, 21 October 2021

On a foggy day

The Péninsule Malraux in Strasbourg, big public library, big movie theater, shopping mall, restaurants...

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Monday, 18 October 2021

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Made in Strasbourg

Delicious goose liver paré, on a hot toast... Finger licking good! Vegans and other vegetarians: look away!

More weekend reflections right... here