Saturday, 6 February 2016

S' Buerehiesel

Looks like straight out of a Grimm's tales, complete with a witch or 3 , the kind who eat children for breakfast... But wait... It is actually one of the very best restaurants n town! The name means little farmer's house. Go there, you might sit next to several ministers or presidents, or other celebs.

La maison de la mechante fee Carabosse??? Que nenni! Il s'agit en fait d'un des meilleurs restaurants de la ville, a en croire Mme Merckel, ou autres Hollandes ou Sarkozys...

Time for a unvoluntary break .Moving house tomorrow, saturday, but internet reaching us only much later, on the 24th they say. So, WILL I SURVIVE??? I certainly think so! C ya then!

Les lenteurs de tous genres en France...Je demenage demain samedi. J'ai commande l'internet il y 1 semaine, sans m'attendre a l'ineffable lenteur d'une compagnie qui ferait mieux de continuer a construire des maisons et a oublier internet. Donc pause forcee, passage oblige dans des cafes internet... A dans 2 semaines 1/2 donc!

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William Kendall said...

It does evoke a fairy tale. I hope the move goes smoothly.