Tuesday 23 February 2016

Le chien de la cathedrale The cathedral's dog

Yes, there is an old dog living in the cathedral. It is Jean Geiler's dog, a renowned 15th century theologian, Geiler used to preach from the magnificent pulpit (by Hans Hammer, 1486 AD).
And where can you see the doggie? Well, on the pulpit, of course! Try to find him, he is tiny... Just above the end of the watermark... There he is!
Le chien du predicateur Jean Geiler de Kaysersberg, sculpte par Hans Hammer, en 1486. Comme tout bon chien de predicateur qui se respecte, vous le trouverez bien sur... sur la chaire! Juste au-dessus de la derniere lettre de mon nom. Attention, il est minuscule!


  1. Nice place for the dog miniature. Nice done. Greetings from Bergen.

  2. Very cool that you saw the little wee dog.

    1. Bill, he's been very famous for the last 530 years... He is on every guided tour

  3. A dog?? That is amazing that they would show the theologian's pet!


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