Friday, 22 March 2019

Not quite ready yet...

Seen in a small fishing town, a few weeks ago. The owner has probably gone fishing.
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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

France Bleu Alsace

Our regional  bilingual (French and Alsatian) radio station. Well, we have many more radio stations here, not even counting the German and Swiss ones (hello, neighbors!) . But this one is actually in one of 2 world heritage sites, the Neustadt, the other one is the Grande Ile, the old city center

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


It really looks like spring today! 4 days after the ides of march (RIP Julius Caesar).

Monday, 18 March 2019

Georges's guitar

Not a music shop, contrarily to what I first thought, whilst  walking through the streets of Montmartre 2 or 3 weeks ago. Georges Brassens had a guitar like this, if I remember well.
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Saturday, 16 March 2019

A weekend reflection

The European Parliament. Always wondering what's really going on in there.
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Friday, 15 March 2019

Just a girl

Just a postcard.
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Thursday, 14 March 2019

The place to be?

Well, maybe indoors, as the weather is absolutely miserable. A hot coffee for me, please! And one of your lovely tartines.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Alsace go bragh!

I've never been able to see any leprechaun during my years in Ireland (Eireann go bragh!), I might have looked in the wrong places... Pursuing my research behind this crane near my house here, in my Strasbourg suburb. If I suddenly stop blogging, this will indicate that I found the much famed pot of gold, and that I moved to the Seychelles, or so.

I'll keep you posted.:-)

Saturday, 9 March 2019

A weekend reflection

The Triton Fountain, at the entrance gate to the Valletta old town, Malta.
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Friday, 8 March 2019

Weekend in black and white

Last week in Marsaxlokk... Don't ask: no idea how to pronounce it, as I don't speak Maltese. And the Google suggestion for it is Marshmallows... lol
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Tuesday, 5 March 2019


A panorama view of the interior of the St john's co-cathedral in Valletta. The main cathedral, San Pawl, is in Mdina, & few km away. San Pawl, Saint Paul, as the story goes, was shipwrecked in Malta (in St Paul's Bay). He founded the first christian in Malta, around 60 AD.
I've only seen more gold in some Bavarian rococo churches. I'm equally amazed and deeply dismayed by so much ostentation wealth...10 euros to see it...

Monday, 4 March 2019

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Riflessjoni fi tmiem il-ġimgħa

This is the lovely Maltese town of San Giljan, or St Julian in English, with some traditional luzzu fishing boats in Spinola Bay.
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You guessed it: the title of this post is Maltese for... :-)

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Friday, 1 March 2019

Tmiem il-ġimgħa bl-iswed u l-abjad/Weekend en noir et blanc

That's weekend in black and white in maltese and in french... As this is the door handle at the french embassy in Valletta, Malta. Nothing to do with them, I just passed there, looking for fish and chips...
You now the drill: click HERE, more b&w if you do. Shame if you don't.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Monthly CDP theme day: green

Greens, with some added colors . The gentleman on the side looks quite green as well...
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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Nice day out

Wish it was a window, and that it was mine... The Maltese island of Gozo, seen from a ferry

Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Went to Valletta this morning, to get the lay of the land. Made a few new four legged furry friends on my way. What can I do, cats, and dogs, just love me!

Monday, 25 February 2019

Mural it-Tnejn

First, you park your car. Then, you...
My first ever Maltese Monday Mural, live from Sliema, Malta, on a grey day. Never been here before.I have a good grasp of most European language, but Maltese... Beats me.
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Sunday, 24 February 2019


Amazing, what you can do with mirrors and a few projection devices...Musée Grévin, the wax museum in Paris.
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I'll be away for 8 days, to some tiny islands. Not sure about internet capabilities down there...

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Le bon bock

Could be in Alsace, but this photo was taken in Paris last monday. Bock is what english-speakers call a stein, a big beer container. Typically alsatian indeed!

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Meeting Mr O.

Sorry about not posting yesterday: I was in Paris, on a secret meeting. Plotting the after-tRUMP with Mister O. All about strategy, strategy, and more strategy. Can't tell you more, sorry. Me talking, Mr O listening.
What a strange idea, to meet at a wax museum! Did he think I couldn't see the difference???

Monday, 18 February 2019

Saturday, 16 February 2019

A weekend reflection

Oldie, from an old blog. The entrance to the Desigual HQ in Barcelona.

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Busy skies

A lot happening out there this morning... 6 airports in the area. I'll be joining all those travelers in a few days time, flying south to a warmer place, to some island life, to a lot of history, to some fantastic architexture. And lots of rabbits!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


I am french. So, genetically, a coffee drinker. It's the truth, it is in my genes!
But... I've spent long years in tea drinking fields, England, Scotland, India, etc, and I've got infected... Yes, I drink tea as well!!! A nice oolong, or masala chai... Better than bad coffee!
And so, tea selling shops are spreading in France, it's a pandemic...

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


My favorite bar/restaurant/exhibition place in Europe... In the Giardini area of Venice, and part of the Biennale

Monday, 11 February 2019

A Monday mural in love

I know, it's 3 days early, but happy Valentine everybody!
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Saturday, 9 February 2019


Do you ever have a craving for an authentic Italian wood-oven pizza, with a little musica, a few canzone to go with? Well, I do, now. The nearest Italian pizzeria being some 400 km away, here is some musica, from Genova, city infamous from it's crumbling bridge.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The world and the Currywurst

Berlin without Currywurst is not really Berlin...Pork sausage, with ketchup, vinegar and curry powder  I like my Wurst as any German does, or half-German in my case. The Germans eat 800 millions of them every year, according to the Currywurst museum (I'm not kidding, there is such a museum) in Berlin. I'm travelling a lot, but I've never seen it elsewhere.
The hot air balloon, Welt is German for world, is probably taking the Wurst around the world....Could be worse...;-).

Monday, 4 February 2019

Walking through a sea of roses

Where is she going? Is she on her way to friends, to a trendy coffee place, to see her lover?
Seen in Faro, Portugal, last June.
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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Friday, 1 February 2019

Weekend in black and white

Water, birds, snow, a little sunshine... What else do you need?
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