Monday 11 June 2018

Cliché day, monday murals day :-)

Well. I just came back from a mostly grey, windy and wet week in Portugal. Had a good time though.
In Portugal, everybody knows people eat and live from PEIXE, fish. 365 cod recipes, as the saying goes. A friend of mine has a restaurant at the Ribeira market in Lisbon, specializing in cod. He created many more recipes, as you can do about anything with cabalhau, cod. According to him, there are many more than just miserly 365 recipes.
My personal favorite is bacalhau com natas, Heavy, but sooooo good!
Monday is mural day, Monday Murals. I took this photo in Faro, Algarve, last Friday. Now, the time CLICK has come!


  1. Garish, but I'm not fond of graffiti.

  2. Thanks for your first Portuguese mural Rob. I love bacalhau com natas too! I always make it for Christmas and even y Australian guests like it. The Ribeira market is fabulous, sorry about the weather though. Thanks for participating.


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