Sunday, 1 May 2016

There can only be ONE

May day, theme day. Smell, is the theme. Easy. No pretty flowers, no expensive perfume, no stinky socks or cat litter... No. What gets me going, what keeps me going is the smell (and the taste) of a good cup of...
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  1. A good idea for the theme day. I hadn't thought about that... :)

  2. Great choice! You can't beat the smell of coffee brewing first thing in the morning or really anytime during the day. I have a cup right beside me as I type :)

  3. Back again for another cup :) The last comment was by me too but I forgot I am using my wife's computer. The power cord for mine needs to be replaced :(

  4. I remember.... you and your coffee :)
    And I agree, coffee is a "must" every single morning:)

  5. A great choice! Early in the morning, a smell of coffee permeates the home with a scent that encourages to get out of the bed.


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