Wednesday 25 May 2016

The Kandinsky room

Hi there. I could not post yesterday, Had to go to my old computer's burial. Now, I am trying to get familiarized with a french keyboard, bewilderingly weird.

Now then. Wassily Kandinsky has always been one of my top fav artists. And oh joy, he has his own room at the musée of modern art!!!


  1. Quite a cool look!

    Did you give the old computer a eulogy?

  2. Interesting looking room! Good luck with the new computer.

  3. Unique room!
    Quite stylish.
    Good luck with your French keyboard:)

  4. I am also a fan of his work. Bummer about the old pc.

  5. Well that was an exciting find then Rob! He's also got that geometric thing going on! Good luck with the new computer, I just pray that mine never dies because I know if it does that will be the end of Perth Daily Photo :)


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