Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Another bloody Valentine

1347. The Plague. The Black Death. In Strasbourg.
Who's fault was it? Not the rats. Not the lack of hygiene. No, it was the Jews, they certainly poisoned the wells and rivers!
So, what to do? Let's go to the ghetto, just next to the cathedral (the good fathers needed to keep an eye on THEM...), and let's burn them!!! This is what the good christian people of Strasbourg did, on February 14th, 1348. Not forgetting to baptize the children, before throwing them in the fire.
It happened in the jewish cemetery, in what is now called rue Brulee, burned street. In Alsatian, Brandgass means street of the great fire.
2000 children, women, men... The few survivors escaped, and joined the ghetto in Venice, Italy.


  1. Thanks for this post. You tell the story well.
    In a few minutes we in Israel begin the memorial day for the 23,447 Israelis who died so that we can have a State where the old-style pogroms can no longer happen to Jews.

    1. The community here commemorated Yom HaShoah last sunday

  2. I never knew this. You definitely live in a very historic place. Some good history and some bad.

  3. Why is this kind of history not taught in schools; and I used to be a teacher and I never saw anything even close to this in the history books back then? I thought Hitler and his nation were horrible but if I read this right, I think this was just as bad or even worse, if that's possible. I need to say that the "Christians" who were persecuted in Europe for their beliefs were thrown out or escaped to a new place--America. And the people here welcomed them and then the Christians turned on them and butchered whole nations or tribes and when the killing time ended, those left alive were rounded up and made to live in concentration camps called Reservations. Not only that, they slaughtered 60 million bison; mostly for sport, and for their tongues and some for the hides. There were mountains of buffalo bones in this country that kids played on. The Passenger Pigeons were in such great numbers that they blocked out the sun when a flock flew over. There is only one left and it is stuffed and in the Cincinnati, Ohio zoo. The same slaughter killed the Beaver. Some people are nuts. That is the American legacy.


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