Monday 14 March 2016

That girl from Domremy

Yes, you probably saw some movies about her, or studied her at school. Saint Joan of Arc (to Catholics), the national symbol of France par excellence. More about her here, if you're interested.
This statue is situated inside the cathedral. She was put there in 1937, as a thank you for  'kicking the Germans out of France' during WW1. BTW, I removed the 'don't touch' sign from this photo: it was in French... and German...
Nowadays, Joan -Jeanne - is the saint patron of the french nationalists, the highly controversial National Front, for example, wanting to kick all the non-white foreigners out of France, specially what they call the 'Arabs" (anyone not having had french ancestry for centuries). Reminds you of some ''politicians'' in the US of A, doesn't it?!
2 weeks ago, in the news... Some french guy, descendant from nobility, bought Joan's ring at a auction in London, for 370.000 euros or so. He wants to display it at his historical amusement park...


  1. A "historical amusement park". It makes you shake your head with dismay. Not quite as much as the National Front, or that hairpiece wearing blowhard south of our border, mind you...

  2. Never heard of a "historical amusement park". Reminds me of a museum I use to work at in Oregon. The guy who owned it collected Native artifacts which were mainly arrowheads and built a museum based on what he collected. The arrowheads were in displayed in cases or in frames designed to look like "Indians". It was hard to comprehend that place as a museum. Coming from an anthropology background it was ridiculous :)


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