Wednesday 2 March 2016


If you are longing for faraway places, Strasbourg is the place to be! Although we only have a tiny (5 gates) international airport, you can fly to Greece, Morocco, Turkey... By direct train, to Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany... By bus, pretty much anywhere in Europe and Morocco. By boat, some river cruises go to the Netherlands, Venice, Romania, Russia. Hitchhiking, a local guy went round the world, in 5 years... Kudos to him.
I took this photo above, arriving in Skopje, Macedonia. Alexander the Great Airport.


  1. Sounds like a very convenient place to live that meets all your traveling criteria.

  2. I like the light in this shot. Most of our overseas flights go through Toronto or Montreal- I have no idea how many international flights leave from our main airport.


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