Friday 24 May 2024


One of several glasshouses at the the botanical garden in Strasbourg. More b&w here.


  1. ...what would life be like without trees?

  2. God, I'd love to sneak in there and walk around. Always loved greenhouses and sorry I never finally had one of my own. I saw a fantastic concept a long time ago of a home built around a greenhouse utilizing heat from the sun, etc., etc. Now I'm virtually ancient and so sorry I never followed up on my passion of giving it a shot. During fairly bitter winters in northern Connecticut in the U.S. my husband and I would go to the college greenhouses to get a "fix" of flowers and other plants for a boost of energy. I so love your photos. Thank you from the base of the mini-mountain in Maine where I will soon be outdoors having the pleasure of tending to my gardens. Regina

  3. j'aime beaucoup cette photo. Il s'en dégage une atmosphère paisible. J'aime les jardin botaniques, il m'émeuvent je ne sais trop pourquoi.


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