Sunday 7 April 2024

Le Chat des Rives de l'Aar

The cat from the Aar river bank. A statue by Alain Séchas, 

"What interests me in the archetype of the cat [...] it is his amazement of stupor, his eyes, his absence of a smile which have been there since eternity, of the Egyptian cat to the one that caresses on his knees." A. Séchas

[...] This sculpture is placed in parallel with the river; On the road and rail, a real indicator of the flows, and the arrows on the asphalt also seem to indicate the meaning of its movement. If this cat is part of a before or after the scene on the neighboring ticket column, it is also available for other narrative connections linked to the vagaries of traffic. He carries the memory of the statuary, it is she who gives him his posture, but his gaze is turned towards the present and it is not accomplished as a work as in the passage of a train.



  1. That is s very different cat sculpture, I will have to read up on the artist.

  2. That cat looks nothing like the cats we have in Virginia. It must be a European breed.


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