Saturday 1 September 2018

September 1st CDP theme day: teach

I am fairly proficient in Adobe's Lightroom, filters, HDR, ACR, and so on, but nothing more complicated. So, I bought the books, watching the videos and trying to TEACH myself what must be the most complex photography editing program: Photoshop. Again. Wish me luck! :-)
More on the TEACH theme here.


  1. I admire your goal of learning by "the book." Clearly, there is more than one way to teach oneself!

  2. Good for you! Being a life-long learner is what it's all about.

  3. I love PhotoShop, but there's so much to learn. I'm humbled by the experts. I'm also trying to learn Illustrator.

  4. Good luck! I learned Photoshop long ago in order to keep up with my daughter!


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