Monday 24 September 2018

A Monday Mural, by Dan23

There is a small zoo in town, but without zebras... So far!
3 days... Dan23, the most prolific street artist in town, started this mural last Friday. It was supposed to be finished by Sunday, but we had a massive wind storm yesterday (Florence was here). So... I didn't have the time to check on it today, but I'll show you the entire mural... next week.
And this is Dan himself, nice guy. He has the city's permission to paint wherever he likes, which I think is pretty unique, in this rather conservative town!
His website is here, and there is a lengthy and very interesting interview here. Both are in french, you might need (or not) a translation tool.
More exciting Monday Murals here, in Sami's very colourful world.


  1. Wow! That's awesome. Very cool that the city let's him paint wherever. I wish I could read french

  2. It's going to be a fabulous mural Karl and great that you got to meet the artist! I love zebras :) thanks for contributing.

  3. Very talented artist and bright, cheerful post!


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