Monday 23 July 2018

Hétfő fal

Oh deer, what does this title mean???Well, it means means monday mural in Hungarian, according to Big Brother Google. Seen in Budapest this morning. Lovely city, but too much rain...
More Monday Murals here.
I confess: I went to a McDonalds this morning, sheltering from a thunderstorm. I had a hungarian "eszpresszo".


  1. The lamp on the mural cheated me: it seems to be hanging from the post

  2. I liked Budapest too. More than Praga

  3. Wow, I love all those colors!

  4. Wow, so colorful! It took me a moment to see the deer.

  5. Loved Budapest that I visited in April. Didn't see this mural, but they had great murals. Thanks Rob.


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