Friday 6 July 2018

Liberty enlightening the world???

AKA the statue of liberty. Not just in New York! There is another one in Paris, and of course in Colmar, where she was created. Colmar is 65 km south of Strasbourg, the birthplace of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who created it. You can visit his home and museum, just follow the signs...
Now, seeing the actual state of liberty, freedom, in the USA, with this worst ""government"" ever, some alsatians and French want it back, me included. You just cannot spit on a present!
More b&w here, as usual.


  1. Had not known, that it's homeland isn't the USA. Of course, it should be come back from the States.

  2. Fine photo, and a good thought!

  3. Good photo! Ps: Magnificent header photo!

  4. je connais celle de Paris, mais je ne savais pas qu'elle avait été conçue à Colmar. Je suis bien d'accord avec ce que vous dites. mais en même temps quand on regarde bien son visage, je trouve qu'elle ressemble quand même au clown orange

  5. I can understand if you want it back!


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