Saturday, 1 April 2017

Wet and easy

Theme day again for us city daily photographers, different theme every 1st of each month.
Well, this couldn't have been easier! The theme is; WET. So, behold the wetness of an italian beach earlier this week! Wet indeed, and far too cold to venture further in, despite of the almost summery air temperature!
Dont forget to click right   here   to enjoy more wetness!

Sorry about the quality, phone pic.


  1. Pretty brave to stick your feet in that cold water. Hope you didn't get a foot cramp. I would have.

  2. Similar to my theme day shot today. Great theme day shot.

  3. Beach, Italy, water--lucky you, Rob!

  4. too cold for this, here up in the north.
    Lucky you who had a nice trip to Italy.
    Happy weekend, Rob!

  5. How clever to think of the beach Rob, I live five minutes away from the Indian ocean and still I didn't think of a beach scene 😀 love your pink feet intrusion into the image ☺


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