Friday 2 September 2016

Minding my business

Here I was, minding my own business, when suddenly... Suddenly the annoying Mr Valls appeared out of thin air, the French prime minister, with his hoard of minder, soldiers, cops, overdressed belles, journalists, tv, and so on. He came to the place where I standing, admiring some cows. Please go away, the big guys with the thinggies in the ear told me.
Right, so I left the cows to Valls.
Anyway, he his about Bill Clinton's height (saw Bill at Easons, a bookshop in Dublin, some years ago).
No, he wasn't here for me! It was the opening day of the yearly European Fair.


  1. Poor cows, they were probably traumatised.

    1. Indeed, Bill... There was a huge bull, who was definitely scared

  2. I generally see former prime ministers and other ex-ministers here from time to time.

    Poor cows, having to put up with political bull.

  3. I guess you were not star struck ? I would not have recognised him, but your President I have seen quite a lot on the news.
    (Years back I had a guy in a pinstriped suit in front of me in Kew Gardens. (London). I asked him to move a bit, because he kept standing just where I wanted to take a photo.... He was the PM in England, John Major and with his wife Norma plus x numbers of others. I seriously did not recognise him, until he turned his face..... I felt quite embarrassed, but we had a good laugh!)

  4. Starstruck, me??? Certainly not by this ...politician!!! I saw and met some far better people, Dalai Lama, Lother Teresa, even Michael Palin! Real people.


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