Thursday 30 June 2016

Not Strasbourg, not the theme day

Tomorrow, first day of the month, it is the monthly theme day; look down. Well... I'm always looking UP!!! Always staring at the sky, birds, trees, architectural details...
So, I have a problem.
Well, this is not my "official theme day" post. Let me see what I can find tomorrow.
So, anyway, being a very well traveled dude, I'm posting this today, from the time I was living in Amsterdam. Guess where I took this? Yessss, the red light district, on the pavement in front of the Oude Kerk, the old church!!!


  1. That's such an appropriate place for this piece of art :)

  2. Figures it would be the red light district. The church elders must sigh in dismay.

    1. Well, it does not serve as a church anymore, more like an alternative culture place/exhibition place/music venue

  3. I'm more of an "up-looking" person as well. :)
    But this is a great choice for the theme day.
    Enjoy July!!!

  4. What an artistic find! :) (YOU have taken a photo of me looking up, so I guess we are similar not looking down as much as we perhaps should...)

  5. Great find. I'm always looking down ... In photography, not life.

  6. Oi, this could turn into a stumbling-block. ;)


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