Monday 12 July 2021

A Greek/Russian Monday mural. Cheers!

 Well, I went to Greece last week, once again. The island of Corfu. And this is the only mural I could find, in an ocean of graffiti. Does not look very Greek, does it...

More Monday Murals here. Cheers, comrades! Nazdarovya!


  1. Not very Greek indeed, I thought you had found it in Russia, lol.
    It's quite a fun mural in any case. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Rob.

  2. a Russian muralist on holiday in Greece?

  3. Corfu is a favorite. I used to go to a village called Pelekas, this was many years ago so I guess it looks a bit different today. Russian tourist?

  4. This reminds me of photos I have seen in WWII. Really different for where you were.


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