Friday, 19 February 2021

Waterloo in black and white

OMG! Now why did I choose this photo??? Now I have this horrible earworm plaguing me! Do you know Abba? I HATE ABBA!!! Their ""muzak"" literally makes my skin crawl.

Anyway, click here to see more b&w photos this weekend. Or later. Oh, btw: this is Waterlooplein metro station in Amsterdam, me olde home.

Sincere apologies for the earworm!!!!!


  1. ...there's no missing where you are.

  2. celoa me rappelle une histoire. Un type vient au bord de ce célèbre champ de bataille. Il en aperçoit un autre. Il lui demande "excusez moi Monsieur, est ce qu'on prononce ouaterlo ou vaterlo ? L'autre répond. Ah je ne sais pas, je ne suis pas d'ici, je suis en ouacances...
    Allez bon weekend

  3. ABBA is the sort of music one associates with the seventh circle of Hell.

  4. I am not an ABBA fan either. Love the perspective in your photos.

  5. The earworm hit the moment i saw the title of your post! ARGHHHH!!! I'm probably going to wake up with it in the night for the next week!

    By the way, this is an excellent photo ;)

  6. Wonderfully composed and shot.


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