Monday 13 April 2020

Saint Valentine's day massacre

This footbridge is historically located near the Porte des Juifs. This gate of the old enclosure of Strasbourg led to the cemetery which was close to the current place of the Republic where more than 900 Jews, that is to say half of the Jewish population of Strasbourg, were burned alive on February 14, 1349. Many of the survivors fled abroad. Some made it to Venice, to the Ghetto area.
This sad episode is known as "Pogrom de Strasbourg" or "Saint-Valentine massacre".
At that time, there was the threat of an epidemic of black plague (bubonic) which will make nearly 25 million deaths in Europe. Before it even declares itself in Strasbourg, the Jews will be accused of poisoning the wells. A bad excuse invoked in particular by bad payers not wanting to repay their debts, or worse, robbing their property.
The bridge has existed since 1858. But it was destroyed by the bombings of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/1871. It was immediately replaced by a metal arch bridge in 1871

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