Monday 23 March 2020

A Monday Mural

Confinement, week 2. Well, he looks bored. I'm not! I have about a hundred cookbooks (never counted them), and with 2 small supermarkets 5 minutes away, I try to diversify my alimentation. What about you, how do you survive?
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  1. He looks rather sad to me. The smiley does not help, it seems.
    Cooking is a great idea.

  2. Beautiful mural Rob, but as Iris says, the young boy looks sad.
    I hope that you find plenty of food in your supermarkets. Here people seem to have amassed rice, pasta, long-life milk, meat...and toilet paper, among other things.
    Enjoy looking through your cookbooks and cooking wonderful recipes.
    Even though I'm still going to work (part-time) when I get home I've been painting furniture to relax a bit.

  3. He does look worried, maybe he's thinking about how the world is in a state of chaos


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