Monday 10 December 2018

Happy GDR propaganda

Mural seen last week in Berlin, at the old aviation ministry at nazi times, under Herrmann Goering, , now the finance ministry. No idee why they left this huge mural from communist times, when the building was used as the "ministry of ministries"...From what I know, the life in the former German Democratic Republic wasn't exactly rosy, with a sixth of the population members of the Stasi, and spying on everybody...
Next week, I'll show the East Side Gallery in Berlin, part 1 of...many
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  1. Interesting bit of history!

    best... mae at

  2. A reminder from the past...
    It's a nice mural though. Thanks Rob and I like your new header too.

  3. Of course it's propaganda.

    Nobody in real life smiles when they hear the sound of an accordion. :)

  4. ...Nice one. Maybe there's hidden message somewhere in the mural?...

  5. ...propaganda at its best.

  6. They look so happy! (I met a guy who escaped from East Germany. All he took with him was his motorcycle jacket.)


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