Saturday 5 May 2018

Something you don't see everyday...

...unless you are in Strasbourg, of course. This is a real skeleton of a real, but unfortunately long dead, mammoth, the biggest and best preserved ever found. Or so they say. It is part of a citywide exhibition called "magnificent industry".

A little explaining...This magnificent beast is in a waterproof box, "floating" over fountains. It was bought, for many many euros, by a company specialising in waterproofing. Soon enough, the mammoth will be decorating the entrance of their HQ. Meanwhile, you can see it here.
Should be in a museum, according to me...


  1. What a contrast with its surroundings.

  2. Is it a big one or a baby? I can't relate it to the size of the cathedral...

    1. It is a big one, about 2m50 to 3 meters tall


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