Friday 30 March 2018

Handheld, very long focal

Storks are here, which means spring is here!
They were quite far away, so I used the newly discovered digital zoom capability on my Lumix. Handheld shot, at 2040 mm focal length, legs steadied, leaning against a tree, elbows blocked, the usual. I don't use tripods, as I have naturally a very steady hand. Strangely enough: my right arm and hand are partially disabled (stroke), and this a "perk"... Once steadied, my hand and arm won't move. Very convenient for a few things, like taking photos...
Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, just trying to make a point here.


  1. Lovely photo Rob! I never use a tripod either. My method is more like zoom in and take way too many shots. At least a few of them are bound to be good and then I delete the rest!

  2. Very wonderful picture to me. See, if you don't tell us non photo taking folks it is a bad photo. we don't know. :)
    Thanks for sharing all the beauty you see.

  3. I dunno, Rob, I think it's a very cool photo what with the branches fingering into the sky, the birds huddled down amidst them, and it looks like the whole business is sitting on a stumpy giraffe! What Lumix? I have several point and shoots and the one I like best if the oldest of the bunch. Tripods are just too much work. If I know it's going to be shifty I try to find, like you did, lean against a tree or something solid, like my wife! :)

  4. They look quite stoic. We don't get storks here.


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