Sunday 20 December 2015

Germany, as it is NOT!

We went for a bit of shopping to our neighbor city Kehl am Rhein, on the German side of the border. Whilst waiting for my wife on a bench in the local shopping mall, a family, a kid with 2 adults in their 30es, passed by. The woman said, I quote: don't buy from this (clothes) shop, they are Jews. The man agreed. In German, a language which I speak fluently.
Just outside the same mall, I took this photo.
It says: here lived
Julius Dreifuss, dead after being deported. Paris, 1943
Rosa Dreifuss, deported in 1940, dead the same year.
Harry Bruchsal, fled to Palestine, survived.
Sofie Bruchsaur, deported, murdered in Auschwitz
Julius Dreifuss, fled to Palestine, survived.

Just a reminder to that minority (or so I hope). I am Jewish, I am Christian, I am a Muslim, I am an atheist. I am gay. If you don't like it, go to hell.
Oh, you're already there...

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